Jordan Clark Follows His Dreams


What a crazy 2017 it has been for the World of scooters, so many moves being made by riders either going solo or joining forces with new sponsors.

One of the more recent movements was Jordan Clark who has fulfilled a life long dream and headed across from Grit Scooters to Madd Gear. It is a massive move for the still very young Pro rider and 2 time World Champ but one we think will be positive for him.

The Madd Gear team was due for a refresh and it now allows for someone else to step into the key position over at Grit as well.

Jordan seems instantly comfortable on the Madd Gear products as well which was going to be our biggest question as they are so different to Grit products.

With the young and hugely talented Charley Dyson as his protege on MGP the future is most definitely bright for a company that has long been a pace setter in the sport.

Hit up both Jordan and MGP’s Instagram to keep tabs on all the going on’s!

Jordan Clark – @jordanclark14

MGP – @mgp_actionsports

Jordan Clark MGP